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"Creating animation is the embodiment of imagination in the most precise interpretation of motion and time."

Comma series 

This series of animation are based on the recent uprising in Iran.”
The main frames has been carved and printed on Linoleum.

‏The comma is an attempt to capture moments of the "women، life, freedom" movement, liberation that we have seen, heard, and lived with our hearts, but it has not given us the opportunity to record them.

‏The comma is a brief pause to delve into the human and social details amidst the ups and downs of a revolutionary uprising.



"My photographs are whispered secrets from the depths of my soul."

Still Life

"Radiance by Candlelight: A Tribute to Dutch Masterpieces"

"Step into a world where the art of photography mirrors the timeless elegance of Dutch master still life paintings. In this captivating series of still life photographs, we reverse the gaze of art history. While many painters have sought to capture the photographic realism of their subjects, this project flips the canvas. These photographs are meticulously crafted to transport you into the realm of a Dutch master's canvas, where every image evokes the exquisite brushwork and rich hues of a bygone era.


Each photograph is a carefully orchestrated tableau, capturing the essence of 17th-century Dutch still life. The play of light and shadow, the intricate details of objects frozen in time, and the sumptuous, almost palpable textures invite you to explore a world where photography pays homage to the techniques and aesthetics of classical painting.


What sets this project apart is the masterful use of candlelight. With just one or two candles and an artful low shutter speed, these photographs achieve a soft, delicate illumination on the objects, fruits, and jars. This technique defines the shapes and contours without flattening them, infusing each scene with a mesmerising play of light and shadow.


'The Dutch Masters Reimagined: A Photographic Journey' invites you to witness the harmonious marriage of two art forms, where photography becomes a canvas, and each frame is a stroke of timeless beauty, bathed in the gentle glow of candlelight."

Bluedom is a body of work created in 2008. It is the result of a powerful synergy of colour, light, body and movement that has generated images which are completely unedited and unchanged, whether chromatically or figuratively. 
Bluedom is the fusion of kingdom, domicile, domain and blue 


This Silky Sand Dunes...

"Welcome to 'This Silky Sand Dunes,' a photographic journey through Iran's unspoiled deserts. These images reveal the dunes' figurative beauty with high-contrast, gentle shapes, as if the wind, like an enamored artist, lovingly sculpts their form, akin to the myth of Pygmalion and Galatea.


Bathed in the morning sun, these dunes unveil their delicate contours, a testament to the wind's passionate creativity. Shadows create an intimate embrace, like the affectionate caress of a devoted lover. The ever-changing shapes of its beloved dunes captivate the wind's heart.


But what if the wind were to cease its gentle strokes? Would it still hold its love for the dunes' silent beauty? Explore 'This Silky Sand Dunes,' where the love story between the wind and its creations unfolds, and the desert's essence whispers through the lens."

This silky sand dune