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Nasser Teymourpour (he/his) is a British/Iranian multidisciplinary artist and designer. His educational journey led him to earn a Bachelor's degree in Industrial Design from the Azad University of Tehran's Art and Architecture programme, followed by a Master's degree in Stage Design from Angewandte (the University of Applied Arts) in Vienna.


Nasser is renowned as a conceptual artist, and his work has been prominently featured in the first and second conceptual exhibitions at the Tehran Museum of Contemporary Art. Drawing from his diverse educational background and his conceptual and contemporary approach to art, Nasser employs a wide array of techniques and mediums in his creative endeavours. From drawing and printmaking to sculpting, photography, animation, art installations, performance, product and jewellery design, graphic and set design, and more, his artistic palette is rich and versatile.


Currently residing and working in London, Nasser is engaged in the luxury interior and yacht design industry. Additionally, he runs his own company specialising in jewellery and accessories design. Alongside his professional commitments, Nasser passionately pursues personal exhibitions and projects. His work consistently bears a creative and critical lens focused on societal and gender themes, fuelled by a profound love for literature and mythology.


Nasser's impressive portfolio boasts five solo exhibitions and participation in over 25 group exhibitions, reflecting his dedication to exploring and challenging artistic boundaries.



● [Melancholia I] - Group Exhibition- Curated by:Pariya Ferdos - Vali Art Gallery- Tehran-Iran

● History At The Desert Of Sin- solo show Fitzrovia Gallery-London-2022

●"The Mountain (ar) Range" - Installation/sound installation ,A collaboration with Vooria Aria - Fitzrovia gallery - London-2019

● Group exhibition-Disobedient-Haleh Gallery-Munich 2018

● Group exhibition- Art for youth- Mall gallery-London 2017

● Solo exhibition-The House Of Power- Fitzrovia Gallery-London 2017

● Group exhibition- With my roots- Asia house- London 2017
● Group exhibition- The museum of stolen objects-Saye gallery- Tehran 2016
● Group exhibition- mustache-Dena gallery- Tehran 2016
● Solo exhibition within office session 4 show- London 2015
● Group exhibition - Artist's Book: Book As Book - Mahe_Mehr Gallery - Tehran - Iran 2013
● Group exhibition - Tehran Calling London - London Print Studio - London -  2013
● Group exhibition - In between - Atelierhaus Salzamt- Linz- Austria 2012
● Group exhibition - Preview of the past - contemporary iranian video artist and photographers -Ausstellungszentrum der Universitat fur angewandte Kunst Vienna- Austria 2010
● Group conceptual exhibition -MANIFEST PANJSHANBEH -7SAMAR GALLERY-Iran 2009
● Group conceptual exhibition -MANIFEST PANJSHANBEH -TARAHAN E AZAD GALLERY-Iran 2009
● Group photo exhibition-4 iranian Artist,8 portraits -cafe gallery Baroc-paris 2009
● Performance in Angewandte exhibition Angewandte kunst-vienna-Austria 2009
● The first biennale of urban sculpture-Barg gallery-Iran 2008
● Group Photography exhibition-Haft- Honar gallery-Iran 2008
● Persia Photo Expo-Esteghlal hotel-Iran 2008
● This Silky Sand Dunes ... Solo photography exhibition, British Embassy-Iran 2008
● Space, Painting, Photography-group photography exhibition, Elahe gallery-Iran 2008
● This Silky Sand Dunes ... Solo photography exhibition, Nikol gallery-Iran 2007
● The Second Iranian Conceptual Art Exhibition -Tehran Museum of Contemporary Arts-Iran 2002
● The First Iranian Conceptual Art Exhibition-Tehran Museum of Contemporary Arts- Iran 2001
● The First Student Industrial Design exhibition of Azad University-Iran 2000
● The First Drawing Exhibition -Atashzad Gallery-Iran 1999



● Awarded at Art for Youth- ”Afshin Naghuni” price-London 2017

● Awarded at the first photography exhibition ( Prochesta web site,Iran 2008)

Activities & Memberships :


● Establishment of Tishtar LTD, jewellery design
●“The shameless Taboo”- talk at the “Beauty and the beast: Photography, the body and sexual discourse in the Middle East and Central Eurasia” panel for the Art, Materiality and Representation Conference-Organised by the Royal Anthropological Institute, the British Museum’s Department of Africa, Oceania and the Americas, and the Department of Anthropology at the School of Oriental and African Studies. The conference took place at the British Museum, the School of Oriental and African Studies, and the Senate House of the University of London-London 2018

●Advisory Board Member of COIPI (Children Of Imprisoned Parents International)
● Director of "Years we didn't count, years we are counting ..."A Short Documentary Film About Behrouz Heschmat - 2011
● Published photo, space and painting with Mohamad Mehdi Sanaati (Publisher: charsoo honar.2009)
● Portable Public Toilet, Thesis (2007)
● Designing According to Economical Identity -essay (2007)
● Video Recording and Research for Shahe Shahidan Documentary (2003- 2006)
● Establishment of Red Designers Co. (2003)
● Director of Bakht Play (2003)
● Participating in Rostam and Sohrab Illustration by Saeed Ravanbakhsh, (Tehran University, 2002)
● Member of Mehr Vista Cultural N.G.O Group
● Coordinator of the first photo exhibition of Charsoo Honar art Group
● Member of Thursday Art group

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