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From Nothing series
Group exhibition - In between - Atelierhaus Salzamt- Linz- Austria 2012


The reason to create these series is an effort to purify the artwork from material.

The empty space above the stands and a written description of the characters combines with the imagination of the audience and creates a sculpture with a unique visual hermeneutics. 

At the same time a white circle appears trying to connect both the objectivity and subjectivity, in order to create an overlap and concurrency among the two.

what has been shaped by our imagination, aims its weapon at us or at someone else at a certain moment, threatens us with a stone, pours urine on our feet, ignores our life and carries out the ritual for the forgiveness of the deceased over our bodies.

Here the "absence" multiples by the number of the thoughts and fluctuates in an indefinite time

The absence creates an intellectual and physical interaction. it becomes a religion with no sanctity. The nonexistence incarnates and creates a gap between us and itself. it finds an identity (objectiveness) and its identity (objectiveness) targets the contemporary concept of the material.


 A clay soldier, 20 something years old, in a good shape. With his shaky hands made of clay on the trigger of his clay Kalashnikov, and with a sparkle in his eyes, he awaits the first person who enters the white circle 

A woman made from red fibreglass, with a shaved head and reckless laughter. Pulling up her private part with her hands, she relieves herself while standing over the white circle. Her golden urine rolls around her red feet 

A young Muslim man, made from marble, with a sparse beard, chiseled cheekbones, hollowed eyes. He tucks a marble Qur'an under his arm and holds a grey piece of stone in the same hand. His breaths are full of rage and fear and he repeats a verse before pelting a stone towards the white circle.

A fat, short priest made from pure gold, with closed eyes, and a Golden Holy Water pot and sprinkler in hands. Over a living body of a person who stands on the white circle, he prays for the forgiveness of the deceased.